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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 04:41

Hardware analysis of coal mines dust control

Control over the state of the dust environment in the mine workings is currently an urgent task. In this publication the analysis of coal mine dust control hardware is fulfilled. Currently, there are several ways to determine the mass of the dust sediment in the conditions of mine workings, they are treated as indirect and direct methods. The study made it possible to classify methods of measuring the mass of dust sediment by the criterion of measurement error. It should be noted that the accuracy of indirect methods of measuring the mass of the dust sediment is large enough and can reach 60% in some cases, so the most promising are the methods of direct measurement. These methods include gravity and radioisotope. The publication discusses the said methods in detail; schematics for the possibility of constructing modern devices of dust control are introduced.

Coal industry in Russia currently works in significantly complex conditions. This has an impact on enterprises profitability and actualizes the use of modern means of coal mining with the purpose of cost reduction. The present article examines the problems of “manless coal winning” technology development in conditions of underground mining. The functioning of the introduced structure is possible on condition of the main equipment electric drives system modernization by means of transferring them from uncontrolled mode to control mode. It should be noted that the introduced structure will allow increasing the level of industrial security in shafts prone to sudden outbursts of gas and dust.

Recently the two tendencies can be traced: increase in the volume of coal production and, due to low cost of liquid hydrocarbons, increase in debt for loans and credit lines of mining enterprises. These factors make the increase in energy-efficiency level at coal production currently important due to the use of modern technologies, which will help to significantly increase the products competitive ability and the level of industrial safety at coal shafts. By the example of stoping area of Breevsky seam of “Polysaevskaya” coal mine of OJSC “SUEK-Kuzbass” the article reveals the ways of the main equipment modernization due to modern technologies in the sphere of electric drives control systems and modern systems of control over methane release at coal shaft face area, prone to sudden outbursts of dust and gas.