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Delivery of high-quality coal in specialized containers of coal (SCC) has a number of reasonable advantages, among which: safety of quality and quantity of fuel, improvement of ecology, maintenance of high coefficient of efficiency of furnace equipment due to the use of high-quality coal, increased mechanization and cost-effectiveness of the delivery process due to reduction of warehouse space. Loading of graded coal in the SCC at the face of an open pit reduces the labor input of the technological process, reduces the operating costs of the quarry transport and the amount of transshipment of the high-quality coal. The production of high-quality coal in the face of an open pit assumes the introduction of a mining and transportation complex and a technological vehicle with the SCC on it. The weight parameters of the SCC are significant for determining the technological vehicle load capacity. The values ​​of the weight and size parameters of the SCC are determined in the paper. The masses of tare, gross and net SCC with unified overall dimensions are calculated. Loads on the power frame of the SCC are determined. On the basis of strength calculations, a choice is made of structural elements of the SCC, capable of withstanding high loads. The efficiency of the design of the SCC due to its low metal capacity is substantiated

The production of sized coal directly at the face of an open pit in the cyclical mining technology involves the introduction of a processing unit and the addition of a transport unit with a technological vehicle with specialized containers installed on it. The processing unit, at the outlet from which the sized coal is produced, includes crushing and sorting plants, a storage bunker, and conveyor lines. Technological vehicle is designed for transportation of specialized containers with the produced sized coal from the face to the daylight surface. The use of containers for the delivery of sized coal will ensure the safety of its qualitative and quantitative characteristics. The structure and the parameters of the introduced mining and transport complex depend on the specific mining-engineering conditions of the development and the possibility of using the equipment offered by the industry in these conditions. In the paper, various variants of technological schemes for placing the complex of mining and transport equipment in the face of an open pit are considered. The possibility of allocation and the field of application of the complex of processing equipment in mining-engineering conditions of face development with an excavator ECG-5A has been determined.

Efficient operation of the fuel and energy complex of the country largely depends on the transport and storage of solid fuels. One solution to this issue can be shipping and storage of coal in specialized containers. Peculiarities of transportation and storage of high-quality coal and briquettes in specialized containers have been described in numerous studies, but the technology of coal loading has been considered in enough detail. This work describes the technology of loading coal at coal-loading complex of a mining enterprise into specialized containers of various loading capacity depending on customer requirements and consumption volumes. A method of calculating the time of loading has been worked out. The calculations allow us to estimate the time of loading in specialized containers, depending on the weight of the loaded coal. Transportation of coal (especially of sized coal and briquettes) in special containers to different groups of consumers will help to preserve the quality of the fuel, to deliver it to consumers without loss and environmental pollution and to reduce the time of transfer from one mode of transport to another.