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Wednesday, 13 December 2017 04:58

Association links in the sphere of subsoil use

The article considers the problems of the analysis of association links in the sphere of subsoil use, which help to determine and explain the nature of relations between the notions within the limits of the system of subsoil use. The analysis is introduced of causal relationships between the interdisciplinary approach in the solution of the problem of subsoil use and the possibility of actually complex solution of eco-economic and social problems; the explanation to this relation is represented by application examples (the deposit of copper-nickel ore in Voronezh region and the deposit of copper ore near Chelyabinsk). Causal relationship is studied between the admission the natural (ecological) factor as the higher priority and possible practical realization of the conception of sustainable subsoil use; the explanation to this realization is given through the hierarchy of the levels of subsoil use control (conceptual, ideological, political, and economic). The analysis is introduced of the causal relationship between the degree of taking into account the time factor and the formation of ecological, social, economic, and technological problems in the sphere of subsoil use. Association link is studied between the action and the result in the sphere of subsoil use; the reason for the absence of innovations in the sphere of refining complex is explained and the low application level of the majority of subsoil use resources. The analysis is introduced of the relationship between the materials (subsoil use resources) and their potential production.