Горный журнал УГГУ - Результаты поиска для: Kolesnikov E. B

The known direct and indirect methods of diagnosing the condition of cutting tool are considered. Factors influencing coal destruction energy intensity are introduced. The possibility of controlling correctness and efficiency of winning machine executive body cutting tool operation according to the parameter of destruction energy intensity. It is proposed to diagnose the technical condition of the winning machine executive body according to the total wear of the augers cutters, expressed in relative units. The dependences are stated of coal destruction energy intensity by the shearer with augers executive body on the capacity of its work under various relative wear of cutters, which make it possible to determine the technical condition of the executive body according to the actually measured destruction energy intensity in the process of the shearer exploitation. Device to diagnose the technical condition of the shearer executive body has been worked out, containing the blocks to measure actual values of power consumed by the electric motors of cut and feed, the shearer capacity, computing device, which determines destruction actual energy intensity and compares it to the reference value. According to the results of diagnosis the conclusion has been made about the efficiency of the executive body. As a result of applying the developed method and the new device, reliability and capacity of the shearer increase by means of increasing the duration of its trouble-free operation and maximum sustainable power of electric drive.

The structure is described of the organization and building of equipment for technical diagnostics of complex objects by the example of a mining electromechanical complex, which is based on a shearer-loader. Objects under control are the electromechanical systems (EMS) containing asynchronous engines of various power; hydraulic knots, the high-voltage and low-voltage switching equipment; electronic power converters (frequency, voltage, rectifiers); gearboxes of conveyor and mining shearer; transformers. Process of diagnosing is carried out taking into account factors of the external environment. The functional scheme of a diagnostic complex includes three levels of hierarchy. Each level of hierarchy acts as managing in relation to all subordinate and as operated, subordinated, in relation to the higher one. The lower level contains the sensors and transforming equipment measuring the parameters of EMS and factors of the external environment, modules of input-output and isolated barriers. The average level contains technical means of interfaces transformation and the subsequent collecting, temporary switching of telemetric messages. The top level includes set of the automated working places of a dispatcher, functioning under the control of special software. At the root of special software for the diagnosis of technical states are the neural network algorithms allowing to solve the problems of control and forecasting EMS technical states. These algorithms are opened and adjusted with a possibility of adding new diagnostic signs. The algorithms of diagnosing used in the program are based on the results of model and field observations and are object-oriented. It is shown that the developed equipment allows operating personnel to control technical condition of systems of any complexity on-line, including the electromechanical equipment for explosive atmospheres.