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This article is devoted to some peculiarities in the examination of industrial safety of documentation for construction in the areas of hazardous natural and techno-natural processes development. These processes are caused by intensive economic development of territories and are characterized by great variety. To ensure the safety of new construction and exploitation of buildings and structures in the areas of hazardous processes development, additional requirements are imposed for the realization of engineering investigations. The organizations, performing investigations, focus on conducting fieldwork and obtaining measurement results. At the same time, the interpretation part of the work done, namely the influence of the measurements obtained on the dynamics of hazardous natural and techno-natural processes development, recommendations for accounting the results obtained during construction, and the development of a further strategy for monitoring dangerous processes are often completely absent. Particularly relevant is the issue for hazardous production facilities, the documentation for the construction of which is subject to industrial safety examination. Examination establishes compliance of the submitted documentation with the requirements of regulatory documents. The deficiencies in research investigations discovered during the examination of industrial safety are subject to discussion and further development of a strategy to prevent such errors. The considered ways of solving this issue are mandatory to provide safety of new construction or already operated facilities in the areas of hazardous geological and engineering-geological processes development.