The creation of a digital terrain model of an open coal store based on aerial photography data


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The practical use of the approach to increasing the geometric accuracy of the 3D rock mass model with the use of the mining technological transport identified in the photographs during loading and unloading operations in an open coal store is considered. Experimental data are presented on the creation of a digital terrain model of an open coal deposit on the basis of aerial survey data using unmanned aerial vehicles Geoscan 101, PTERO-E5 and GateWing X100. The process of photogrammetry processing of aerial photographs in digital system PhotoScan is described. Mean square errors at the control points in plan and by height, found from the differences in double measurements using the GPS/GLONASS survey data of the receiver, for three models of the coal storage terrain before and after the coordinate network correction. It is established that aerial photography using unmanned aerial vehicles allows to quickly register the space-time characteristics of an open coal store with accuracy plan and by height corresponding to plans of scale 1 : 500.

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