Geoenergetic fundamentals of ore deposits underground mining


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622.273: 622.349


The article introduces the main scientific and practical results of the development of geoenergetic fundamentals for the underground mining of ore deposits by means of disclosing physical essence of the phenomenon of zonal encapsulation of mine workings. The phenomena, processes and regularities of mine workings encapsulation by an array with the definition of shape, size, number of energy zones, sinusoidal-damped stresses, and annular deformation areas are systematized. An energy theory of the study of the parameters of zonal encapsulation of mine workings has been developed: the shape, size, quantity and conditions for the formation of energy zones and the boundaries of possible destruction of the massif. Power-law dependences of the change in the dimensions of adjacent energy bands are established, the ratio of which is constant from the size and shape, the depth of deposition and the physical properties of the array enclosing the working. The thermodynamic theory of studying the state of the rock massif undisturbed by the excavations has been improved by taking into account the processes of redistribution of geoenergy flows and entropy exchange in an undisturbed massif with the isolation into a separate research method – entropy. The sinusoidal-damped dependence of the autowave oscillations of stresses in the massif disturbed by the workings on the gradients of density, temperature, gas and water saturation of rocks has been specified. Geoenergetic approaches to the selection of traces of preparatory workings, calculation of the parameters of their fastening are recommended. The parameters of performing stoping in energy zones of safety capsules are justified. The estimation of efficiency of geoenergetic technologies and realization of industrial introduction at underground development of ore deposits is introduced.

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