Development of methods for efficient extraction of lost ore using overlappings


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The article is devoted to the problem of reducing the dilution of metal ore by overlapping and enclosing rock in the production process in underground mining. Some information is given about the state of knowledge of production quality management processes under the development systems with a collapse of ore under the overlapping rocks. Development results are introduced of a complex field structure under a flexible tree-rope and steel cable overlappings. The practice in the application of overlappings of different structures depending on the conditions of development in the uranium-mining industry is described. Overlappings strength determination methods are systematized and typified. For the conditions of polymetallic deposit, economic-mathematical comparison of alternatives with the collapse of the core technology and under the overlapping is fulfilled. The problem of improving the quality indicators of the produced ore are formulated through the separation of ore and rock by the overlappings, including the substantiation of the separation efficiency, optimization of overlappings design for each type differentially, the release of lost ore under the overlappings effectiveness determination, and overlappings structure development. The article systematizes the engineering methods of reducing dilution magnitude with the release of the previously lost ore which are applied in ore mining, also by means of load-bearing and separating overlappings application. It is predicted that the prospects of the direction include bridges cost-cutting through the development of new composite materials. It is shown that improving the quality of previously lost produced ore and ore extracted with overlappings is an essential element of expanding raw-mineral base and mining enterprises economic rehabilitation. The results of the study are of interest to some existing mining enterprises and some mining enterprises under construction.

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