Article requirements

1. The article submitted for publication should contain:

  • the text of the article in Russian with tables, graphs, bibliography, UDC identifier;
  • an abstract (summary) of the article (approximately 100-250 words);
  • keywords to the article;
  • information about the authors:
    • surname, first name and patronymic name;
    • academic degree and title;
    • position and place of work with its full address;
    • e-mail (published only with the author’s permission).

Please specify the author who is responsible for correspondence with the editors and provide their postal and e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers.

The title of the article, abstract (summary), keywords should be translated into English.

The authors of the article are responsible for submission of one electronic and one hard copy of the materials for publication. The texts of both electronic and hard copies must be identical.

Supporting documents:

  • recommendation of the Department (council, seminar, a member of the editorial board);
  • expert opinion on the possibility of publication in the press.

Materials for submission and supporting documents can be sent by e-mail (in this case, all signed and sealed papers are scanned).

2. Presentation of articles for submission

2.1 The article should be processed in Microsoft Word and printed on A4 pages with 2.5 cm margins. Volume is 10-12 pages, Times New Roman 14 font with 1.5 spacing, 1 - 2 tables, 3 - 4 graphs, with numbered pages.

2.2 The title should be as concise as possible and correspond exactly to its content.

Only standard abbreviations are allowed in the text of the article (e.g., EMF). All abbreviations in graphs and tables should be explained.

Formulas should be processed in the Microsoft Equation formula editor (MathType) and numbered if there is a reference to them in the text.

Physical units are given in the SI system.

2.3 Illustrations. Graphs processed in graphical editors should be submitted in electronic form together with the text of the article and printed each on a standard A4 sheet. In cases where computer design is not possible, the drawings are done on white thick paper. The image must be clear, contrast, suitable for scanning and reduction.

Technical drawings, diagrams, charts, graphs, shall meet the requirements of state standards. Drawings must not contain elements that are not related to the content of the article.

References to graphs are placed in the text where they are commented.

2.4 References are presented in accordance with GOST 7.0.5-2008 and placed at the end of the article. Bibliography is based on the order of references in the text. In the text references are given in square brackets. References to unpublished works are not accepted.

References to GOST, SNIP, safety rules, regulations, laws and other documents are recommended to be included in the text, without stating them separately in the references section.

2.5 Abstracts should include:

  • a topic, a subject, a purpose of work (if these are not clear from the title of the article);
  • method or methodology of work (if there is any novelty);
  • findings of the research;
  • the scope of the results;
  • conclusions.

Abstracts should repeat the structure of the article.