Journal Sections

1. Development of mineral deposits and technogenous formations

Engineering, technology, mechanization of the development of ore, non-metallic and placer deposits by underground and open pit mining. Opening of mines. Systems of development. Secondary development of man-made structures . Processes of mining. Designing of mining enterprises. Operation of mining equipment. Mine drainage.

2. Regional problems of mining

Mineral deposits. Problems of development of mineral resources of specific regions.

3. Economics, organization and management. Legal matters of subsoil use

Issues of economic theory. Micro and macroeconomics in the mining industry. Analysis and evaluation of production and economic and organizational work of mining companies. Features of the organization and management of mining systems. Matters of mining law.

4. Mining safety

Principles, methods and means of protection of the person in the mining industry. Analysis of the working conditions and the forecast of injury rate. Ventilation and health and safety issues at work. Social and economic aspects of security of a mining enterprise.

5. Oil and gas extraction

Drilling of oil and gas wells. The development and operation of oil and gas condensate fields. Technique and technology of hydrocarbon production. Exploitation and research of oil and gas wells. Physical processes of oil and gas production.

6. Construction of shafts and underground structures

The construction of horizontal, inclined, vertical mine workings and chambers. Specific methods of tunelling. Design of the construction of mining enterprises. Underground space development of cities. Issues of rock pressure and excavation support. Investigation of the processes of underground construction. Construction of structures on the surface.

7. Mine surveying and geodesy

Surveying and geodetic works in construction of buildings and mining enterprises. The geometry of the subsoil. Surveying support of mineral exploration, all works within the mining allotment of enterprises and ensuring the rational use of mineral resources. Displacement of rocks under the influence of mining and surveillance upon resistance of boards and dumps. Photogrammetry.

8. Geomechanics

The stress-strain state of the rock mass. Deformation and fracture of rocks. Geomechanical processes around underground workings and structures. Control of the mechanical state of the rock mass.

9. Ecology of mining

Environmental problems. Ecology of rational use of natural resources and environmental protection. Environmentally-friendly equipment and technology in mining. Methods of assessing the damage and the impact of mining on the environment. Protection of mineral resources and the earth's surface during mining works.

10. Geoinformational systems and models

The theory of modeling. Mathematical models of mining. Software and modeling procedures. Modeling of geomechanical processes. Databases and banks of mining technology information. Means of receiving and transmitting information in mining enterprises.

11. Destruction of rocks. Drilling-and-blasting operations

The theory and research methods of rock breaking, design of the parameters of drilling and blasting operations. Technology and technique of drilling. Technology and safety of blasting operations. Industrial explosives. The means and methods of blasting.

12. Mechanisation of mining. Mining machines and complexes

Units, power plants and machines for mining. Calculation and modeling of mining machines. Construction of mining machines and systems. Issues of reliability, performance and efficiency of mining machines.

13. Mining mechanical engineering

Design and operation of compressor equipment of mining enterprises. Exploration and exploitation of ventilation systems. Theoretical issues of the mechanics of mining.

14. Electrification of mining operations

Electrics of mining. Electric drive of mining machines and equipment. Power supply of mining enterprises. Construction and structure of the central underground substations.

15. Automation of productive processes

Systems of automation of the mining process. Automated control systems.

16. Mining transport

Systems of underground and open-cut transport. Design and operation of assembly lines. Questions of electric haulage. Road and rail transport in mining enterprises.

17. Ore preparation and mineral dressing

Crushing, grinding and preparation of raw material for enrichment. Gravitational, magnetic, electrical, and special methods of enrichment. Flotation methods of enrichment. Control under the technological processes of enrichment. Designing of enrichment plants.

18. Physical and chemical processes of mining

Physics and chemistry of the rocks. Study of materials used in mining. Physical and technical support of mining. Physical processes of mining. Monitoring of the process of mining.

19. Applied mining geology, hydrogeology and geophysics

Issues of mineral exploration. Geological and commercial evaluation of the fields designed for mining and producing. Geotechnical and hydrogeological research and observations in mineral deposits. Geophysical methods of investigation of the rock mass.

20. Theory of machines and mechanisms

Fundamentals of the theory of mechanisms. The study of kinematics and dynamics of mechanisms in the mining industry. Machine components. Research in the field of strength of materials. Hydromechanics and thermodynamics of the processes in mining industry.

21. Testing and certification of mineral raw materials

Metrology, standardization and certification of mineral raw materials. Quality issues in products of mining enterprises. The techniques and equipment of testing laboratories. Quality systems.

22. Mine engineering expert evaluation

Scientific fundamentals and results of mine engineering expert evaluation. The organization of equipment and technology of mining.

23. Higher mining education

Issues of organization of teaching and research in the sphere of mining at the highest educational level. The content and methodological support of educational process. Legal issues of education in the sphere of mining.

24. Problems of mining sciences

Development of scientific research in various areas of mining. Methodology of mining sciences.

25. Historical aspects of mining

The history of the development of techniques and technology of mining. Prominent scientists and organizers of mining.

26. Information, chronicles, reviews

Information on scientific and practical conferences, symposia and congresses. Reviews of textbooks and manuals.